What's Going On With SideReel?

For a while now SideReel has been experiencing more and more technical difficulties. You've seen it. Outdated videos, broken pages, shows not available to track even after they air. We've needed to rebuild the entire site in a short period of time in order to keep SideReel alive and kicking.

You may be seeing some of the core functionality not available at this time. Basic things like rating & reviewing episodes, accessing your profile and making lists are being worked on as we speak.

There are some beloved elements like badges, leaderboards, daily emails, and Cancellation Buzz that are not likely to return, simply because very few people use them and/or the current staff is not able to continue working on them.

Our hope is that shortly, SideReel users will be able to interact with lists and contribute reviews so we can all go back to our normal lives: Watching TV.

Don’t see the answer to your question below? Check out our full FAQ and discuss with fellow SideReelers on our support forum, Helprace.




Tracking Shows

Watching Shows

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General Questions

Q: What is SideReel?
A: SideReel is a free site created to help TV fans track, rate, review, list, and watch their favorite series.

Q: Is this site free?
A: Yes, SideReel is completely free! However, if you're trying to watch a show, keep in mind that some external viewing sources may require payment before viewing. Unless you are purchasing merchandise from our store, SideReel will never ask you for your credit card information. If you think you've been charged for our service, you may have signed up for a Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime account through one of our links.

Although the site itself is free, we could always use your support! Learn how to help.

Q: Can I watch TV on SideReel?
A: We don't host any video directly on SideReel, but we can tell you where to find links to high quality, streaming episodes!

Q: I can't find the show I'm looking for! Can you help me?
A: First, check and make sure you've spelled the title correctly. If it has any special characters like ! or &, try just entering the first word of the title and leaving everything else out. If you're still unable to find it, you can ask us to add it to our database by submitting a request from our Helprace page. If you'd like to speed up the process, try to include extra information such as where the show is airing (examples: on USA Network; on ITV in the UK), and how many seasons have aired. If you can give us a link to its site or Facebook page, that would also help a lot.

Q: You have a show listed with the wrong status (example: Hiatus instead of Concluded) or airing date/time. How can I get this fixed?
A: Please let us know via our Helprace page and we will get any errors corrected.

Q: Why was my comment/review deleted?
A: We love that our community is so passionate about TV, and we've worked to create a space for fans of all genres and series. When commenting or reviewing on SideReel, please keep that goal in mind. So that we can be totally transparent, here are the reasons the site's admins might delete a comment or review:

  • It contains hate/threatening speech
  • It uses excessively obscene language
  • It exposes any commenter's personal information (e.g. phone numbers, emails, and addresses)
  • It contains watch links
  • It's not relevant to the review or discussion (e.g. customer support inquiries, bug reports, or spam)

If you see a comment or review that falls under one of those categories, please flag it for us so that we can review it. Thanks for keeping the SideReel community awesome!



Q: I don't like my profile URL and/or my username. Can I change them?
A: Once you select a username and/or profile URL, it's chosen and can't be changed.

Q: I created my account through Facebook or Twitter. Can I disconnect it from those services and still keep the same account?
A: You can, but it's a little complicated. Please email phfgbzre_fhccbeg@fvqrerry.pbz to adjust your account.

Q: Oops! I created two accounts, one with my email and one through Facebook or Twitter. How can I combine them?
A: While logged into one of your accounts, go to your Profile Preferences page. Towards the bottom you'll see a "Merge Accounts" link. Clicking on that will take you through the step-by-step process to combine your accounts. Unfortunately, two accounts of the same type cannot be merged—for example, two Facebook accounts cannot be merged.

Q: I want to delete my account. Who can help me with that?
A: Go to your Profile Preferences page. Towards the bottom you'll see a "Deactivate my account" link. Click that and follow the instructions. We'll miss you!

Q: I asked you to deactivate my account but now I've changed my mind. Can I get it back?
A: You can, although some of your information will not be restored (reviews, show lists, and follows)! Please email phfgbzre_fhccbeg@fvqrerry.pbz to have your account reactivated. Conversely, if you requested a full delete, your account cannot be restored, and you'll have to create a new one from scratch (so choose that request option carefully).

Q: My show ratings and reviews are automatically posting to Facebook/Twitter. How can I make that stop?
A: Go to your Preferences page, click on "Sharing" and update your settings as necessary.

Q: I'm getting too much/not enough email from SideReel. How can I change that?
A: Go to your Preferences page, click on "Email" and update your settings as necessary.

Q: I can't sign up because my email domain is invalid. What does that mean?
A: We have prevented certain email domains from registering from the site because they are heavily used by spammers. If this is your only email address, we recommend creating a new email address or registering through Facebook or Twitter.

Q: I can't seem to reset my password! What should I do?
A: Please email phfgbzre_fhccbeg@fvqrerry.pbz and we will help you reset your password.


Tracking Shows

Q: I don't need to see all the shows I track in my tracker right now. How can I hide some of them?
A: You can filter your shows by status or hide shows you are up to date on. You can also keep track of shows you aren't currently watching by adding them to a list or rating them, after which you can untrack the show.

Q: My "Track Show" button disappeared. Are you trying to trick me?
A: Of course not! You may have a browser extension like HTTPS Everywhere installed that's not playing nice with our site. We suggest disabling extensions one-by-one to see where things are going wrong.

Q: I live in the UK or Canada. Is there any way I can only see UK or Canadian airdates for a show?
A: SideReel is a US-based site, so it will always default to US airdates. Right now there's no way to only show UK or Canadian airdates.

Q: I live in the US. Is there any way to make my tracker hide UK or Canadian airdates? I hate spoilers!
A: Sorry, unfortunately right now there's no way to hide UK and Canadian airdates.


Watching Shows

Q: How do I watch a show through SideReel?
A:SideReel doesn't host any videos directly, but we do provide links to external services! Just click on any of the "Buy or Stream" links next to the big poster image on a TV show page.

Q: I live outside the US. Can I still watch?
A: SideReel doesn't host any videos directly, so we don't have any control over the geographical restrictions for the sites to which we link. Some sources are available outside the US and others are not, but for those that are US only, you should see a tiny US flag next to the watch link.

Q: If a show doesn't have any links, does that mean it's not available to watch?
A: We only provide high-quality, official links that comply with copyright restrictions and are authorized by content owners. If you know of an official streaming source that we may have overlooked, feel free to email pbagragdhnyvgl@fvqrerry.pbz and we'll look into it!

Q: I've clicked on the episode image and nothing is happening. Is your site broken?
A: The episode image is only a reference point. You'll have to click on one of the listed streaming links to watch an episode.


Mobile & More

Q: Do you have an app for my iPhone/iPad, Android, or Windows phone/tablet?
A: We don't, but the good news is that SideReel's adaptive website works with any mobile device!

Q: Do you have a public API?
A: We do not have a public API at this time.